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MGA Rapid Prototype Development (RPD) Challenge

Updated: May 25, 2021

MGA Hackathon 2020 - August to December 2020

"Solutions for Disaster Management: Tsunami / Flooding"

The Rapid Prototype Development (RPD) Challenge is a hands-on Hackathon where teams will create a prototype with limited resources. Mentors will give valuable guidance and encourage participants to squeeze their brains to tackle real-life issues through creative solutions.

This year, MGA RPD Challenge will be organized under the theme of "Solutions for Disaster Management: Tsunami / Flooding". 20 teams (max) will be able to participate. Join either as a Team or as an individual! If joining individually, you will be put in to teams by the organisers.

Details: Please download the following file.

Download PDF • 6.58MB

<REGISTRATION CLOSED: We have reached MAXIMUM capacity. Stay tuned for more MGA activities to come.Thank you for your support! >


〈Attention: RPD Challenge Online Workshop will start from October and there will be physical meeting for development prototype and demonstration in Thailand in December this year. Due to the Covid-19 and its subsequent travel restriction, please understand that participants residing outside of Thailand may not be able to participate in the physical meeting. 〉

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