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The MGA hosts webinars, regional workshops and seminars to share knowhow and practical information about GNSS. With our vast network of specialists, we are able to answer to the needs of our network to organise events that are relevant to you. 

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RPD Challenge

by the MGA Students & Young Professionals Forum

The Rapid Prototype Development (RPD) Challenge is a hands-on Hackathon where teams create a prototype with limited resources. Mentors will give valuable guidance and encourage participants to squeeze their brains to tackle real-life issues through creative solutions!

Check out our latest updates on our News & Social Media page or dedicated RPD Challenge website!


Learn the basics of positioning satellites and other key technologies such as IoT devices through a series of webinars to spark your imagination with 'food-for-innovation' from leading experts and startups!

Check out our upcoming Webinar information on our News & Social Media Page, and checkout our past Webinars available on our MGA YouTube Channel.

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