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Webinar Announcement: “How does a GNSS Signal Look”

MGA WEBINAR # 13 How does a GPS signal look?

This webinar provides information on GPS L1C/A signal structure, signal generation and its properties like power spectrum, signal power. A software generated signal will be used for demonstration to show its properties like modulation, power spectrum and measurement of these power values using a Tektronix RSA 306B spectrum analyser.

This webinar will help you to understand and visualize GPS signal. GPS L1C/A signal is a base signal for many other GNSS signals. If you are interested in signal processing, jamming, interference and spoofing (JIS) issues, then this webinar will provide necessary information required to understand JIS mitigation techniques. We will conduct a webinar on JIS in the near future!

DATE: 14th MAY 2020 (Thursday) TIME: 18:00 – 19:00 JST (Japan Time) Registration: Price: Free

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